Hiking is a popular form of travel in Japan. Everyone should respect nature, observe certain etiquette, and take precautions to prevent problems and accidents when hiking.

Etiquette includes following rules such as these: take your garbage back with you, don't discard it; don't take away any plants, living organisms, stones, etc.; don't feed wild animals; stay on designated paths; don't bring in any non-native species of plants or animals; only use designated areas for camping, making fires, or smoking; and check the location of restrooms in advance. In some locations, breaking the rules might be breaking the law.

Also, when undertaking serious trekking or mountain climbing, to avoid accidents, be fully prepared in terms of gear and having an action plan, and properly register your hiking itinerary.

Japan's natural beauty is wonderful and healing. To have a safe and satisfying trip, be sure to take precautions and observe the proper etiquette.