In Japan, there are measures in place against passive smoking. In facilities that are used by many people, such as restaurants and commercial facilities, smoking is only allowed in smoking rooms that meet specific standards, and smoking is not permitted by law outside of these rooms. When a smoking room is set up, the facility is obliged to post a pictogram so that you can check if smoking is allowed in the facility. (Some restaurants, such as bars, are permitted to allow smoking in the entire restaurant. You can also check for the pictogram at the entrance of these restaurants.)

The rules for smoking outdoors vary from municipality to municipality. For example, in Tokyo, there are some wards that have set up several smoking areas in the city and prohibit smoking on the streets outside of these areas. Be careful where you smoke, even outdoors.

Some facilities and local governments provide information on whether smoking is allowed on their websites for foreign tourists, so if you smoke, it is a good idea to check the information of your destination beforehand.