Do you view fruit as something you can buy by the kilo, like vegetables, at the market?

Premium fruits, grown with time and care in specially improved varieties, are established as brand-name products and can be bought at specialty stores and department stores. You will be surprised by the rich taste and scent of melons and cherries packed in wooden boxes, or peaches, grapes, and mangoes individually packaged like fine glassware.
Parfaits, jellies, cakes, and sandwiches featuring seasonal fruits are also popular, and can be enjoyed casually at cafes.In Tokyo during the Edo period, fruits were called "mizugashi" and this term is still used today in kaiseki cuisine.

You should be cautious about taking fruit back to your home country as souvenirs. Depending on the type of fruit, it may be illegal to take it out of Japan (export) in accordance with the quarantine restrictions of your home country. In addition, special measures in Japan or an inspection at a plant quarantine station may be required before you leave Japan. You should check with the plant quarantine station in Japan or your country's plant quarantine agency or embassy in Japan in advance.

Quarantine Conditions for Exporting Plants and Plant Products to other Countries: Luggage (English version)
*This is a page to check if you can bring fruits to your country.
Export Quarantine Guide
For travellers taking agricultural products out of Japan
Animal and Plant Quarantine Notice for Import: Messages to you who come to Japan