Food delivery services that allow customers to place a single order via a website or app and have food delivered to their accommodations in a short period of time are convenient not only for residents of Japan but also for travelers from overseas. The number of ordering options is increasing, including dishes from different countries, beverages and desserts such as alcoholic beverages, and menus that are religiously or culturally sensitive. This is also a way to enjoy the flavors of first-class restaurants in the privacy of your own room.

In order to avoid problems such as a wrong orders or spills during delivery, you should not entrust the front desk to receive your order at the hotel, but rather check the contents of the package yourself before receiving it. Also, in the case of private accommodations, in addition to the address, it tends to help with the delivery if the features of the building, such as "two stories with white walls," are provided in advance.

Please note that some hotels do not allow food delivery.