Most Japanese-style inns do not have beds, but rather futons laid out on the tatami mats in the Japanese-style room.

When not in use, futons are kept in an oshiire (a closet in a Japanese-style room), which is the way to use a Japanese-style room. At the ryokan, the staff will prepare the futon for you, so refrain from taking it out and placing it back in the closet without permission.

The staff will lay out the futon for you when the room is unoccupied, such as when guests are out for meals or when they are in an outside bathing area such as a hot spring. Also, in the morning, the staff will come to clear away the futon, and you may leave the room with it still laid out on the floor. Yukata and other clothes you wore to bed should be loosely folded and placed near the futon.