Travel booking websites (booking sites) allow people to purchase low-cost tickets from airlines around the world. When purchasing from a booking site rather than directly from an airline, the consumer is entering into a contract with both entities--the booking site and the airline. Please note the following.

The terms and conditions of the contract, including ticket cancellations, are displayed on the booking site screen at the time of purchase. This is important information, so make sure to save it by taking a screenshot or by another method. The booking site is the point of contact for making changes or cancellations to your reservation. However, information on flight status should be checked on the airline's website. Baggage rules and regulations are subject to the airline's Transportation Agreement.

Booking sites are expected to provide airline ticket arrangement services for the consumer. Therefore, even if a flight is canceled or you cancel your flight at your discretion, arrangements have still been made and you may still be required to pay an arrangement service fee to the booking site.

Please read the notices and terms and conditions on both sites carefully and have a hassle-free and pleasant trip.