Many visitors to Japan want to buy anime goods, such as figurines, tax-free when traveling in Japan. First, find a tax-free shop that sells the type of item you want, then check to see if the specific item is eligible for sale tax-free.

Items that can be purchased tax-free at a tax-free store are classified into two categories-general goods, such as figurines, clothing, and other items, and consumable goods, such as food, beverages, and cosmetics. If the total price of an item is 5,000 yen or higher, it can be purchased tax-free. For example, if you buy a figurine for 6,000 yen and a box of sweets for 2,000 yen separately, the figurine can be purchased tax-free, while the sweets cannot.

Additionally, when purchasing consumable goods tax-free, the item or items must be packaged in a specified manner. This packaging may not be opened until departure from Japan.

Using the example above, if you purchase a box of sweets for 2,000 yen together with a figurine for 6,000 yen, the total price for the two items is over 5,000 yen, so the tax-free price will apply as long as the two items are packaged together. In such a case, the anime goods must also be kept unopened until you leave the country.

For more information on the handling of tax-free items, such as whether or not you may open a package, please inquire with the tax-free store at which you purchased or plan to purchase tax-free items.