Japan has four distinct seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter, and is blessed with a wide variety of nature. Japanese food culture has developed in this environment of reverence for nature. In December 2013, Washoku, traditional Japanese cuisine was registered as an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO as the Traditional Food Culture of the Japanese People.

Washoku bears the following four characteristics:
(1) There are a variety of ingredients from local areas included and prepared in a way that makes the most of the flavor of the ingredients.
(2) The ideal nutritional balance is achieved based on the principle of a meal consisting of ichiju sansai (rice with soup and three dishes).
(3) The beauty of nature and the changing of the seasons are expressed through the use of seasonal decorations and dishes.
(4) Cuisine is closely linked to annual events such as New Year's Day.

Make sure you enjoy Washoku when you come to Japan.